Leah Renee Monsour is a photographer, archivist and book artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Using a new documentary approach, she is inspired by subjects, lighting, and objects found in extension of her own life. Through posed intimate portraiture, character studies, scans, and still lives, she aims to capture the life, trends, and heart of her generation and family, both chosen and given.

Monsour grew up in an all-American suburb outside of Syracuse New York, and started making pictures at age 14 after joining the ocean of images on Tumblr. Social media is still one of her main inspirations and communities. She notes, “My friends are all amazing at being photographed because by now they’ve probably taken thousands of selfies.” Her philosophy is to “follow the light,” and her images rarely feature lighting that isn't natural to the setting inside the frame. The resulting images are warm, intimate, and beautiful in a way that is both contemporary and timeless. 

Her work has been shown nationally and internationally. She finished her BFA in Photography at SUNY New Paltz in 2018. Go Hawks!

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